Currensea is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

FCA Authorised

Currensea are FCA Authorised

We use the latest bank security and encryption technology

Bank Grade Security

We use the latest bank security and encryption technology

We offer Mastercard chargeback protection on all your purchases

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We offer Mastercard chargeback protection on all purchases

Your money stays safely in your bank

We take security seriously

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The travel card that helps you give back 

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How does it work?

Every time you spend, you save on bank fees. Some or all of that saving can automatically be donated to the Trust. You decide how much.

For example, if you choose to contribute 50% of your savings and you spend $1500 while visiting the USA, you'll automatically donate over £20. 

You can keep track of how much you’ve donated on the Currensea app or personalised dashboard.

Just remember to add the referral code CAMERONBESPOLKA if registering via the app.

Currensea - The smartest way to pay overseas

Currensea Limited is registered in England and Wales (No. 11413946), authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference No. 843507) and is a Principal Member of Mastercard. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (Registration No. ZA524676). © Currensea Limited 2021

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Don't just take our word for it

What do our users think?

Instead of paying fees to your bank when you spend abroad, Currensea removes the charges and lets you control how much of those savings you keep and how much you want to contribute to the Cameron Bespolka Trust.

What is Currensea? 

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We're not trying to be your new bank, we're just removing the fees and charges they apply when you travel (typically 3-4%!).

Our new multi-currency debit card works directly with your existing bank account, so you can spend with confidence 
without the need to top-up or preload. Every time you spend, the local currency (all 180 of them) is converted directly into Sterling and deducted from your bank account.

Our aim is to encourage more young people to connect with nature and appreciate the huge benefits it has to offer. We provide opportunities for the next generation to learn about wildlife and increase their skills and understanding of our environment.

About The Cameron Bespolka Trust

How do they do this?

By donating to the Cameron Bespolka Trust, you’ll be donating to help:

View the full list of projects here.

Our partnership with the Cameron Bespolka Trust allows you to help sponsor outdoor events for young people from all backgrounds to help them engage and connect with the natural world. Whenever you spend abroad you automatically give back!

Find out more.

Create new opportunities and programmes that involve conservation work, data collecting, research and a better understanding around the impact of climate change. Empowering young people to develop a knowledge and understanding that can help them throughout their lives, both personally or professionally.

Organise and sponsor events for young people to connect and appreciate the outdoors.

Work closely with various partners to reach as many young people from all different backgrounds to add a new dimension to their lives and well being

Start giving back now

Our flagship project will create a space where young people can come to stay and be immersed in nature. In partnership with the RSPB, we are renovating Cameron’s Cottage in the New Forest, located in the heart of the RSPB reserve Franchises Lodge. Cameron’s Cottage will accommodate up to 18 young people from all backgrounds and is due to open in the summer of 2021.

Currensea charge no fee for your donation, so you know that 100% of your contribution will be used to make a difference.